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Welcome to the often dark and always wild side of erotica. Stretching the limits with bestselling writer Vonna Harper
Women's erotic fantasies about relinquishing control are limited only by the imagination. How about spanking or BDSM? Maybe submission, slave training, or and domination? Vonna delivers
Dark Mafia Series by Vonna Harper
Dark Mafia

Vonna’s newest venture. Mafia: the dark organization understood by fearless men and women with the courage and emotional strength to love them.

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Spanking Stories by Vonna Harper
Erotic Romance

Spanking: a complex word with deep emotion driving it. These erotic stories explore everything from willing power exchanges to harsh submission and domination.

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Carnal Secrets Series by Vonna Harper
Carnal Secrets Series

Domination and helplessness. Captor and captive. Power and weakness.

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Carnal Series by Vonna Harper
Carnal Series

Four stories of domineering men known as Carnal operatives. Their job–to capture, restrain, train, and prepare their helpless captives for their new lives.

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The Society Series by Vonna Harper
The Society Series

Haves and have nots. Life in a society dictated by one’s birth order. Men take their wealth and power for granted while powerless women fight to be seen as their equals.

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Stand Alone Erotic Books by Vonna Harper
Standalone Erotica

A little something sexy for everyone such as shape shifting, novellas, multiple partners, or science fiction. Welcome to Vonna’s untamed imagination.

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Vonna’s books include material that some may find offensive, including erotic spankings and scenes of bondage, submission, and domination, as well as other dark sexual fantasies. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy the books.