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Surrender’s Dance

A Spanking Story

About the Book

Recently fired Asia Drake fantasizes about giving up control. She’s weary of being a modern, independent woman and frequents a web site catering to submissive desires. Unknown to her, her membership triggers the interest of a secret organization dedicated to the training of submissives for wealthy, dominant men. She’s captured by a powerful, mysterious man who takes her to a remote location where her transformation begins. The forced lessons are harsh yet Asia responds to the sexual stimulation. Zemar, who has scars on his back, becomes her world.

As her barriers break down, Asia tells Zemar about her father’s abandonment and a boyfriend who walked away when she was pregnant. (She lost the child) She hasn’t let a man get close since those experiences but this is different. Zemar admits that his parents were responsible for the scars. He too doesn’t trust.

Those behind the organization have seen enough. Asia and Zemar must be separated before their relationship becomes deeper. It’s time for her to be sold.

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The Details

Published: January 6, 2015
Publisher: Blushing Books
Pages: 127
Formats: Ebook