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Midnight Cavern

A Spanking Story

About the Book

Cilena and Lorey have been best friends since childhood, bound by shared trauma. The two girls, however, have taken different paths into adulthood. Cilena has become the model she always dreamed of being. Lorey’s journey has taken her to a far darker place.

The two are still close, that is, until Lorey goes missing. Cilena does some searching of her own and discovers photos online of Lorey at Midnight Cavern. She must now find this mysterious, secretive place, and rescue her friend – at any cost. Cilena contacts Recovery, an agency that does whatever it takes to get the job done.

An agent from Recovery, Rafer, guides Cilena into the dark world of Midnight Cavern. But, Rafer – handsome and sexy – has a past of his own to overcome that makes him dangerous, too.
What will the two find when they finally enter this world of darkest desire and ultimate fantasy? Will they find Lorey before it’s too late? Or will Cilena lose herself while trying to find her friend? And what of Rafer’s past?

Come along with Rafer and Cilena as they navigate the treacherous yet enticing world of Midnight Cavern.

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The Details

Published: June 6, 2017
Publisher: Blushing Books
Pages: 190
Formats: Ebook