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Shifter’s Storm

Standalone Erotic Fiction

About the Book

A grieving and determined woman seeking justice. Two competitive and powerful shape shifters seeking her.

Horrified by her mother’s murder, Rane returns to the isolated mountain community of her childhood. Nothing, not even law enforcement’s warnings, will deter her from learning who killed her mother and why. She asks for help from her elk shape shifter lover, but that help must wait until after Songan’s rut season is over.

Instead of heeding the powerful creature’s demands and cautions, Rane strikes out on her own. Unknown to her the mountains hold more than answers and, maybe, a killer or killers. There’s a newcomer to the wilderness, a massive grizzly shape shifter with his own need—for her. Despite the vital task that brought him here, Ber risks his kind’s future. She will become his—willingly or otherwise.

When the shifters learn of each other’s existence, they become determined to compete for her. As necessary as truth and justice is for Rane, the shifters’ potent bodies speak to hers. Briefly distract her.

Then loyalty to her parent’s memory returns. A killer must pay. With winter closing in, the threesome heads deep into the wilderness where, in a cramped cabin, their mutual lust explodes. Maybe sharing is possible.

But nothing can shield them from the danger outside.

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The Details

Published: August 13, 2020
Pages: 190
Formats: Ebook