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Her Unwanted Defender

A Dark Erotic Story

About the Book

Raw and real.

Maco Durant’s expected arrival at Shari Afton’s dog training facility should mean only one thing—the money she’ll get from selling two highly trained guard dogs to the owner of his remote construction company. Just because his voice on the phone stirs something deep inside—no, she won’t think about the nights she spends with her dark, erotic dreams!

She’s outside waiting for him when a bullet hits Ona. Terrified for the gentle mutt who is her best friend, she’s carrying Ona to safety when Maco takes over. Thankfully, the dog will survive. Shari and Maco curse whoever was responsible for what had to have been a stray bullet.

Their relationship moves fast, too fast. Supporting herself via her canine expertise has been everything for Shari, the best way to move beyond old nightmares. She’ll let Maco touch her, make love with her, but nothing else.

As the survivor of a failed marriage, Maco knows not to get involved, especially not with this independent yet vulnerable woman. He’ll protect her while keeping things casual—somehow. His body demands hers, but the physical aspect is all there’ll ever be between them.

Unless the bullet that started everything wasn’t an accident.

Like many of Vonna Harper’s dark erotic romances, Her Unwanted Defender was written for readers drawn to hot romances.

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The Details

Published: March 6, 2024
Publisher: Unrestrained Publishing
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Alpha male, bdsm romance, submission, spanking, bondage, dominance