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Captive’s Heat

A Spanking Story

About the Book

He walked toward her. A faceless, voiceless man. Caught between terror and fascination, she gripped her knife and watched his approach. Fog drifted around him, and heat circled her breasts and belly with the truth. He was close. Nearly touching.

She didn’t move when he reached out and rested his hand on her shoulder.

Her naked shoulder.

“Mine.” Although a near whisper, his voice carried power and belief. “You are mine.”

Centrois Warlord Tarek and his warriors have been searching for the Baasta since their human property escaped. From the moment he spots the fleeing young woman, Tarek vows he will tame her and have her as his lust-chattel. He will own her and make her beg for him. Tarek’s ultimate intention is to force Nari to reveal the Baasta’s hiding place so he will have his revenge for his father’s death, but the more time he spends with his brave captive, the greater her impact on him.

The arrival of the Warlord and his warriors can only bring suffering and slavery to her people. But her captor challenges Nari in ways she never imagined possible. Under his masterful control, she has no choice but to surrender her body—and her heart.

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The Details

Published: November 18, 2014
Publisher: Blushing Books
Pages: 253
Formats: Ebook