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Call Of The Wolves

Standalone Erotic Fiction

About the Book

Vonna Harper is an Amazon top 100 erotic romance writer.

Dark memories wait for Carlan Nashel and Brett Schneider in the unforgiving wilderness where Carlan’s beloved brother Skye lost his life in a tragic accident. She wants nothing to do with Brett whose presence painfully reminds her of what she lost, but she once loved this man. He used to be her everything, her body’s awakening.

As if preordained, they find each other near where the accident took place. As a storm isolates them from the world, they have no choice but to face the past and what they lost. To acknowledge what went wrong and why, the shared sexual heat that still rages. What they don’t know but soon will is that they aren’t alone in this hard reckoning. This unwanted journey.
Yes, they are the only humans here, but there is something else: a ghost and spirit wolves.

Maybe they’ll survive. Maybe they won’t.

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The Details

Published: July 26, 2020
Publisher: Unrestrained
Pages: 59
Formats: Ebook