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Standalone Erotic Fiction

About the Book

Stallions or men? Maybe both. Can she handle everything they are?

A lonely woman returning to her roots, two wild stallion shifters searching for answers and a safe home for themselves and the herd that depends on them for survival.

In a land steeped in Native American tradition, Nokoni and Hah-Tee face their complex relationship and the responsibilities thrust on them by mysterious forces. They dare trust just one person, the beautiful woman they’re competing for, but Terena represents more than sexual satisfaction. She challenges them in ways even their vital task can’t. They don’t care about her past or its impact on her life today. Her family means nothing to them. Only sharing her does.

Even as Terena struggles to make sense of her inescapable desire for the swift mysterious shifters while searching for the truth about them and herself, danger lurks. Someone is determined to exploit the horses’ speed—even if it means killing anyone who gets in the way.

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The Details

Published: August 13, 2020
Pages: 207
Formats: Ebook